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24hCams is one of my favourite USA cam girls websites, online since late 2003, one that has come to be a best in the industry after a crescendo of improvements and optimizations.

Let's make clear that not all girls online are from USA, but I prefer 24hCams to other cam sites because of the ease of tracing a girl's nationality: if you wanted to look up USA girls on the fly to start a nice chat, and - why not? - maybe see them naked too, all you need to do is looking at the two letters on the bottom right of the thumbnail image, "US" for instance, standing for United States, "CO" for Colombia, and so on.

A trait that distinguishes 24hCams from other cam sites is a really good quality and high-resolution of webcam images; just make sure that the top right of the girl's nickname shows a "HD" symbol, which we know to stand for "High Definition", and here's where a whole new scenario will open up in front of your eyes, unlike some time ago, a quality that can often be compared to that of a cable transmission. We have to admit that sometimes you might be disappointed, because much depends on the quality of the girl's Internet connection, her ability to setup the webcam and the webcam quality; but you only need a stroll through the rooms to see that the final quality is indeed very high, especially among USA cam girls, given the excellence of their Internet connections compared to those of other countries.

What I like about 24hCams is that unregistered users cannot chat with the girls, so this greatly reduces the number of people whom invade the room by writing a lot of nonsense, allowing registered users to get involved in nice chats without spending a dollar, letting the excitement rise, and then, if desired, explode during a little private performance.

Registration is completely free and it will let you interact with the girls and put your newly learned notions in practice. Supply yourself with your precious credit card (a rechargeable one also works very well) and insert your data, which will be visible to your eyes only (during the chat only your nickname will be shown, so your privacy is in safe hands). For any objections, in case you have applied for private performances, they will appear on your credit card after 24 hours (of course your account can not be traced back to the site, so if that's what worries you, you may just lie ahead and say that these charges are nothing but small online bets, hehe). Anyway, I repeat, you can still signup and spend no money, you can find many girls willing to enjoy a nice chat without wanting anything in return. If you cannot find the registration page, this is the direct link

Have fun. :)


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